American Nonprofits is thrilled to announce its new partnership with Raffa Accounting and Your Part-Time Controller. These articles and videos are aimed to support your organization’s financial and accounting management systems.


Preparing for the Year End Audit
Another article on how to prepare for your year-end audit.  What are the best practices to make sure the audit runs as smoothly as possible?
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What Should You Do to Prepare for the Audit?
Before you start an audit process, what questions should your team consider?
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Phew, We're Done With the Audit, Now What?
After the audit, what questions should your team ask the accountants and internal management?
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Cash Flow

Watch a how-to video on cash flow projections.

Download a template to prepare cash flow projections.

Financial Statements:

Big Changes are Coming to the Presentation of Nonprofit Financial Statements - Video and Handouts
FASB Accounting Standards Update (ASU) 2016-14 marks the largest change to nonprofit accounting guidelines in over 20 years. Are you prepared?  During this webinar you will learn: The major changes to the presentation of nonprofit financial statements; How the new required audit disclosures may impact what funders think about your organization; Tips on how to begin preparing now for these changes.
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Jump Start your Accounting Department
Are you an ED or board member frustrated with the lack of financial reporting?  What is the base line data you should expect?  Learn more about how to engage your accounting department and what you should anticipate.
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Changes to Nonprofit Financial Statements
Have you heard the news about the changes in how nonprofits present their financial statements?
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Fraud and Its Warning Signs
Do you suspect possible fraud at your organization?  Learn more about what to do if you suspect someone is concealing information or creating possible false accounts.
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Accounting for Fundraisers
Are you planning a fundraising event, but don't know how to account for donated services or prizes? Are you confused how you should account for the event?
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Maximizing Online Donations - American Nonprofits
Are you curious how to improve your online donations? Would you like to learn about free resources to help launch a campaign?  Learn from one of the country's leading experts on fundraising.  This webinar will walk you through everything you need to know about online donations.
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Human Resources:

1099 Employees
Does your organization use 1099 employees?  If so, you should know about changes to filing W2 and 1099 statements.
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Perform a Mini-Assessment of Your Financial Department
How do you know if your financial department has the right skill set for the job?  Learn more here.
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Why Do So Many Nonprofits Have Problems with Their Accounting?
Never fear, you are not alone.  Many nonprofits have difficulty producing on time and accurate reporting.  Learn more as to why this is a systemic issue.
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Is Accounting and Integral Part of Your Organization?
How can you improve your accounting operations to better support the overall mission of the organization?  This article is accompanied by a podcast.
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How to Access TechSoup Donations and Resources
Have you ever wondered how to navigate the world of TechSoup offerings? In this webinar, TechSoup highlights the ways you can make the most of the donation and discount programs for hardware, software, cloud applications, and services available to eligible organizations.
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